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I’m so excited to announce that I will start accepting orders for big numbers of orders at a time. I had a couple of experiences with making orders for a wedding shower and another for girls gymnastics team. And I have to say I really enjoyed executing them and being a part of something special for these families.

The wedding shower was all about glamorous anklets and bling. I made them for a beach reception that included adults and kids so I was able to make different sizes of the same design.

The second order was bracelets for girls at a competitive gymnastics team around the holidays time. I really enjoyed making those bracelets because I was able to directly relate since my daughter used to be one of those girls. Hence, I knew how thoughtful something like that would be for the girls and their families.

I would be really thrilled to be a part of something like that again. Let me know if you have any event that you would like to design a jewelry piece for and share it for your specific event. I would love meet with you and discuss details and options.

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