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To your first love!

Sara DunhamComment

Some people may think it's your companion or your high school sweetheart. But today I'm talking about your "Mom". 

She is everyone's first love. what is it like? It's this first mutual relationship any person had that is based on "Love". When does it start? Since the day you were born. Wow! Isn't that special...People didn't really need a certain day to remind them of this special person in their lives. Mother's day is just considered a celebration that this person is actually a part of your life.

Give a little gratitude for all Mom has done: from kissing your boo-boos as a kid to late-night heart to hearts to making lasting memories. Honor her with breakfast in bed with a little surprise in the morning from "Bejeweled by Sara" collection.

Let her feel Bejeweled even for one day...and hopefully she will cherish it on and on...